Neck Lift

If you are interested in a neck lift or in combining a neck lift with a face lift it is nice to know that a double board certified facial plastic surgeon is right here in Wilmington.

Dr. Blanks performs neck lifts using the most advanced technique which gives you the very best results.  Neck lifts are popular particularly with men, who want to get rid of that “turkey neck” but do not need a complete face lift. Actually, both men and women can have a tighter, better looking neck without the full face lift and the incisions are hidden back behind your ears and in the hair lines. In addition, a small horizontal incision is hidden under the chin.

A little bit about the Neck Lift (Platysmaplasty)

The flat elastic platysma muscle that lies under the neck skin is actually two muscles that are naturally separated along the midline. The inner edges of the two muscles are linked to the overlying skin by fine connective tissue fibers, so that as we age, the relaxed skin-muscle complex sags into recognizable vertical cords or wattles that produce the so-called turkey gobbler neck. Dr. Feldman invented this surgical procedure adopted by surgeons around the world called the CORSET PLATYSMAPLASTY that is performed through a small horizontal incision hidden under the chin that eliminates these muscle cords by joining the two muscle edges together to create a single sheet of platysma that resists the reappearance of muscle bands and improves the shape of both the jawline and the waistline of the neck.

This photo is from Dr. Feldman’s “Corset Platysmaplasty” article.


Feldman, JJ. “Corset Platysmaplasty.” Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.1990 Mar; 85(3) 333-43.

Unlike most plastic surgeons, Dr. Deidra Blanks is totally focused on facial plastic surgery. Her focus has allowed her to perform more facial surgery and to develop the skills and techniques that others will just never develop. She has that special woman’s perspective and attends to all the subtle nuances of aesthetics.

Corset platymaplasty, or necklift, will redefine your jawline, eliminating the turkey neck

Actual patient of Dr. Blanks – Before and after neck lift / platysmaplasty.


Turkey neck, before

Side view of the above patient before neck lift surgery.



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