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Vacation Plastic Surgery – Keep It Simple

The plastic surgery vacation industry is booming! Luxury medical tourism is gaining popularity across the globe, but consumer beware…while opportunities to combine a surgery and luxurious vacation as a lower-cost package outside the United States may seem appealing, there are inherent risks and complications to consider before getting too excited.

Get the facts:

You should know that nearly all cosmetic surgery procedures involve swelling and bruising that tends to increase over the first several days. During this time, you'll need to keep your head elevated and apply ice packs to reduce swelling. It's also important to stay out of the sun, so vacation plans should include somewhere that has interesting attractions that you can visit indoors or in the shaded areas. To promote the best healing possible, you should plan to drink plenty of fluids, eat a little something before taking medications, get plenty of rest and protect your investment from physical...
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Grand Opening & Celebration of Healthy Living

Deidra Blanks, M.D., Jonathan Crane, D.O., Kamran Goudarzi, M.D., & the staff of DermOne

invite you to celebrate our Grand Opening & Celebration of Healthy Living

September 25th – 27th, 2014 The Offices at Mayfaire III 6752 Rock Spring Road, Suite 200 (behind Harris Teeter) Wilmington, North Carolina

To celebrate our new flagship office at Mayfaire, & the Merging of DermOne, Atlantic Dermatology, Scarless Vein Care, & DermOne Plastic Surgery; our plans include:

Thurs, Sept 25thYou Must Remember This 9:00 AM - Ribbon Cutting at our Mayfaire Office 12:00 Noon - Barnes & Noble Book Signing of Robert J. Wagner’s "You Must Remember This  - Life and Style in Hollywood’s Golden Age" Robert Wagner & Jill St. John will be present         Saturday, Sept 27thlogo 8:00 AM - Melanoma “Umbrella” 5k (3.1 mile) Walk Details and Registration online 11:00 - 3:00 Celebration...
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You Look Tired! Are you Sleep-Deprived?

   “Gosh you look tired!” Caught off guard, you search frantically for an excuse to Tired eyesgive…”I’ve been so busy I haven’t slept much” or “this project at work is killing me,” all the while thinking “Really? Did you just say that to me?” Suddenly you realize you simply didn’t put on make-up that day. You think, “But I feel great today! That’s just rude!” After a few minutes, you may think, “gee-whiz I used to go without make-up all the time...” When people are actually sleep deprived, studies show that others readily identify them as such. Tired people possess droopy, swollen eyes with hanging eyelids and darker circles, and as having paler skin with more wrinkles and fine lines. Not only that, they are perceived as being more sad and depressed, less healthy and vibrant, and less overall attractive. On the flip side,...
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How to Prevent that “Turkey-Neck” and Maybe Fixing it with a Neck Lift

Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself, perhaps a “selfie” and thought “Where did Better Selfies with neck lift in wilmington nc from Dr. Blanksthat turkey neck come from?” In this high-tech age where selfies and friend photos are shared in social media so often, people have become more aware of the appearance of a sagging neck and vertical lines under the chin. Botox and fillers may have kept the face appearing youthful, but the neck is left behind to give away age. The great thing is you can do something about it.

People in Wilmington NC are out in the sun a lot so...

First, prevention is key as age is not the only factor. Sun damage, weight gain or loss, and muscle atrophy also contribute to turkey wattle.Avoid that Turkey neck with a neck lift... 						
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Facelift surgery is a good option for you if:

Maybe you were wondering if you would be a good candidate for facial plastic surgery. Lets 22213515_sconsider the facelift procedure... Facelift surgery is a good option for you if:
  • You are physically healthy
  • You have a positive outlook with specific, realistic goals in mind for the improvement of your appearance
  • Preferably you are a non-smoker, or are willing to stop smoking (at least while healing).
Your plastic surgeon will explain the details about your options and what you can expect. He or she should also explain to you their experience and expertise in the area of facial plastic surgery you are considering. The surgeon might also advise on supportive aesthetic procedures to enhance the outcome. It is crucial for you to ask enough questions to find out about all aspects of the proposed surgery. Facelift surgery is a highly individualized procedure and you should do it...
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Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon in Wilmington, NC

If you are considering facial plastic surgery or an aesthetic procedure like Botox or fillers, happy local wilmington plastic surgery patientwho you choose to work with should be a priority. With massive media coverage concerning plastic surgery gone wrong, it almost always involves a doctor who does not have the extensive training and certifications necessary to perform facial plastic surgery. Would you choose a surgeon without credentials to perform surgery on your face? Here are a few tips:

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Your Plastic Surgeon should be board-certified and members of one of these professional organizations:
  • American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
  • The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Did you know that a large percentage of all facial plastic and reconstructive surgery is performed by board-certified otolaryngologists? The rigorous training in the complicated head and neck...
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Neotensil – Reduce the Appearance of Under-Eye Bags Within an Hour!

Wilmington's Source for neotensil!!!

I invest a lot of time researching products to help you look better and when one like this comes along, I want to share it with everyone. I have tested this on myself and it really works well!  Here are some of the before and after examples from their website. Under-eye Bags dramatically improved - without the need for plastic surgery in wilmingotn NC is awesome For those people who want to improve their under-eye bags but are not interested in the more permanent solutions of surgery, this could "Make Your Day! - day after day after day! " Neotensil takes only a few minutes to apply and the results are amazing. Please call the office to set up an appointment for a demonstration and we will show you how to apply Neotensil so that you look your best....
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Lower Eyelid Surgery with Wilmington Plastic Surgeon Dr. Deidra Blanks

If you are interesting in improving the appearance of your lower eyes and are considering eyelid surgery in Wilmington NC then here is a little more information about the procedure.

Dr. Blanks is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon helping people feel better about their appearance. In this 2 minute video she explains who may want eyelid surgery and some of the considerations.

If you have excess skin, dark circles or bags under your eyes, then eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) may be something for you. Sometimes the incision can be placed on the inside of the lower eyelid so that there I no concern about visible scaring and other times the incision is strategically placed to minimize the appearance.

While insurance does not cover this procedure sometimes it can be combined with other procedures to optimize your time related to healing and trips to the doctor.

Call for a free consultation (910)762-1070

Think about it:  Wouldn’t you want to “Trust Your Face to a Face Doctor”

Treating Aging Eyes with Fillers and Botox in Wilmington NC with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Deidra Blanks

When we meet people we want them to look at our eyes and when they do, we want them to see wisdom rather than wrinkles. If you are experiencing fine lines & wrinkles, crow’s feet or dark circles, Dr. Blanks can help you without the need for surgery. A treatment with Botox or a similar product may be just what you need. Some people experience drooping eye brows and usually Dr. Blanks can help with a treatment of fillers top open your eyes and give you a younger more rested appearance. Call for a free consultation (910)762-1070 Dr. Deidra Blanks is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon and she focuses on the subtle aspects of your appearance that others will never notice but add up to making you look more youthful and rested. [caption id="attachment_446" align="alignleft" width="209"]Botox Wilmington Call (910) 762-1070
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