Plastic Surgery

If you are noticing the effects of aging & gravity, read on to see how Dr. Blanks can help you to look your best instilling an improved sense of well being and confidence.

Laser Hair Removal

Put an end to time painful waxing, creams and razor burn.


With laser hair removal, you’ll say goodbye to everyday shaving – and get used to skin that’s always smooth.

Botox Cosmetic

Over the past two decades, the popularity in America has skyrocketed.


A half-hour visit is all it takes to see the benefits.

    Botox Injections
    Botox Wilmington NC.

    BOTOX® Cosmetic is an FDA approved prescription medication that is injected into muscles to improve moderate to severe frown lines. BOTOX® works by blocking nerve impulses to the injected muscles. It helps to improve the wrinkles and furrows that develop from squinting, concentrating, frowning, and looking surprised.
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    Laser Hair Removal

    Mortifying waxing experiences. Goopy at-home creams. Last-minute bikini season shaving. When it comes to removing unwanted body hair, you’ve put yourself through the ringer. But now, with our laser hair removal treatment, you’ll say goodbye to everyday shaving – and get used to skin that’s smooth and stubble-free.
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    Our Services

    Dr. Deidra Blanks Plastic Surgeon in Wilmington.

    Benefit From a Plastic Surgeon in Wilmington North Carolina

    At Wilmington Aesthetic, Dr. Deidra Blanks specializes in plastic and reconstructive cosmetic surgery as well as non-surgical aesthetic treatments to suit your needs. Although Dr. Blanks focuses on facial plastic surgery, she oversees the cosmedical centre as our professional medical aesthetician customizes a program just for you.

    We know that you may have questions about your options, so, we offer free consultations – just give us  a call.

    Your regimen may combine surgery and medical grade, technologically advanced products. The final effect is a subtly improved, enhanced appearance. You look better, more youthful and more confident with a radiant, glowing complexion. Whether you are interested in a facelift, eyelid surgery, lip augmentation, Botox, or a facial, you should trust your face to a face doctor.

    If you are considering a procedure to improve your appearance, please click over to the other pages for a basic understanding of some of the procedures.


    “Dr Blanks and her staff were very professional and put me completely at ease with my procedure. I had researched the rhinoplasty procedure before making the decision to move forward. From the initial consultation to post surgery I was very happy with the services and the outcome. In my opinion for facial plastic surgery there is no other option than Dr. Blanks and her staff!” – Robin

    “I am so grateful for Dr. Blanks’ support. I appreciate her taking the time to provide clarification on so many questions I had. This procedure has provided me with opportunities in speaking before groups that could not have been obtained without it! She is both a great technician and artist. I am sincerely thankful.” - Mary

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